What changes following the DMA

For companies using the web? No longer bet everything on Google services and other web giants Think about a differentiated and multi-platform webmarketing approach The work of its site a strong pillar to take into account DMA: a real revolution or a political act? Need an SEO expert? What is DMA and what is its purpose? The digital markets legislation. DMA. aims to fight against the anti-competitive practices of internet giants to correct the imbalance between their dominance and the 


European digital market

What imbalance are you going to tell me? Well. quite simply because when you enter a galaxy of service from one or other of the GAFAMs. you have little chance of finding UK Phone Number List or using one of their smaller competitors. For example. today searches on Google represent more than 90% of Internet searches carried out by Internet users every month. It is then quite easy for him to push his own services such as the galaxy of Google services such as Google My Business. the Gmail service or even his 


advertising management. There are. however. a myriad of other possibilities that are not known because the web giants are crushing everything. This is why regulatory tools such as DMA are implemented upstream to: create fair competition between digital players. in particular for the benefit of small and medium-sized enterprises and European start-ups; stimulate innovation. growth and competitiveness in the digital market; strengthen the freedom of choice of European consumers. A strong challenge to fight against a sudden 


Monopoly for web consumers and even more sudden for small

structures carrying projects in this same field. What are the activities covered by the DMA? The activities covered by the DMA are quite varied. They will affect all sectors of the web where GAFAM have significant monopolies. This will therefore range from search engines to social networks or even virtual assistants. A very large gallery of services that you will find below: intermediation services (such as marketplaces. app stores); search engine ; 

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social networks; video sharing platforms; online messaging; operating systems (including connected televisions); cloud services; advertising ALB Directory services (such as advertising networks or exchanges); web browsers; virtual assistants. What changes following the DMA for companies  using the web? DMA changes In concrete terms. what change will this represent for the everyday user and especially for the advertising company? Well if everything goes as Europe expects. you’re going to have to change the way you do web 


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