Conversion is your business goal – what you care about most, such as sales, submitt forms or calls from users interacting with your website. Is it possible to set the same eventsgoals as in Universal Analytics? Can be. But beware! It is worth doing it in a thoughtful way, and not copying .. We can assign not parameters to each of the events, as was the case in UA (category, action, label, value), but as many as parameters describing our events! As a reminder, this is what building an event in Google Tag Manager for the UA service look like image If your website has, for example, several different advertising leaflets available for download as pdf, and you want to measure the number.

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Of downloads of each of them, then in GA you can measure specifically how many and which newsletters have been download, assign up to additional parameters to each newsletter – . assign to each phone number list newsletter SKU codes of the products contain in it, product prices, date  of issue of the newsletter, author of the newsletter and other data that you can only dream of, and within the limits of GA functionality, report data from parameters – . if your offer changes often, newsletters appear every few weeks and at the end of the year you would like to check which of them had the most downloads, but you can’t remember what.

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Products were present in it or what were their prices – in GA you can assign these data as parameters of the newsletter, and then check it in the reports in the GA panel However, before you decide to implement a large number of such complex events, we recommend that you start with easier events. We will discuss extend events at the end of this  article. How to set the GA to collect such events as clicks on telephone numbers, sent forms, subscriptions to the newsletter? Below we give you a ALB Directory ready-made implementation instruction in the easiest way.