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Using their previous results – is my community more engaged in Twitter or Facebook Lives? The integration of virtual reality Virtual reality is a subject that is very much discussed in marketing trends, and it must be said that social networks have gotten into it: Facebook has recently launched a 360 ° app , in which it is possible to navigate among the functionalities at using a specific headset. Similarly, Snapchat launched its Spectacles , sunglasses connected to their smartphone, and capable of recording photos and videos in one click.

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Virtual reality allows all sectors to offer their audience innovative and interactive content . Today, it represents a real competitive advantage for brands that lend themselves to the game, especially in the tourism or real estate sector , where phone number list user expectations in terms of visuals exceed all others! As a brand, it is your responsibility to spot trends to exploit before they become obsolete and change! You have to meet users’ expectations before they even have the idea, and offer them, both on social networks and everywhere else, a unique experience.

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These three trends may be the ones emerging on social media for now, but who knows what 2017 will bring? Do you want to launch a ALB Directory campaign as innovative as it is impactful on social networks ? Do not hesitate to contact us , it is our specialty: our experts in social media strategy will undoubtedly know how to identify your audience and meet the expectations of your customers.

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