Digital Advertising here’s where to start

We often hear about it, but it is not always so clear what  is and why it is important. For many companies,  has become  here’s where to start an essential daily reality for promoting. Their brand and selling their products or services. But what is it specifically? Here is a complete guide to find out why it is important to use it .

What is digital advertising

When we talk about we refer to Bahamas Mobile Database all the online activities that are carried out by a company on social media. Search engines, websites, the newsletter and any other online touchpoint and make up the Digital Customer Journey . Which corresponds to the online experience of users.

The great advantage of this form of is the here’s where to start possibility of creating personalized. Measurable and targeted communication and offers the opportunity for any company. Both large and small, to invest budgets within their reach. In fact, unlike traditional media, it is possible to foresee even smaller investments depending on the objectives to be achieved.

Inspired by the definition created by Philip Kotler , acclaimed as “the world’s leading expert in marketing strategies” by the Management Center Europe, advertising is ” any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services through the mass media”. media such as newspapers, magazines, television or radio by an identified sponsor”.  has all these characteristics that can be applied to the online world.

Digital advertising for small and medium sized businesses

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One of the most interesting effects of digital ALB Directory advertising is that all businesses can access it because the costs of obtaining visibility are much lower than offline advertising . Therefore, even in periods of recession or economic crisis, small and medium-sized businesses can decide to activate campaigns to maintain high engagement on their brand and to improve their reputation.

digital advertising

Furthermore, in addition to the low costs, there is the Digital Advertising here’s where to start enormous advantage of being able to monitor the results achieved with respect to the definition of an objective , setting a specific KPI (key performance indicator) according to the marketing strategy.

How to incorporate Programmatic Advertising

As digital advertising continues to expand, users expect consistent advertising experiences across all touchpoints, whether online or offline.

Programmatic represents, in a certain sense, a bridge between these two worlds. Although there are experiences that are born digital (such as social media), in some aspects. Programmatic can be considered as the transition towards online of media that was born offline .

Just think, for example, that programmatic allows you to publish banners on online newspapers. The digital equivalent of images on newspaper pages. In recent years, the market share of advertising on Smart TV and Digital Out Of Home has expanded. Stealing ground from the old linear TV and signage, but with significantly lower prices.

How Connected TVs are changing the television advertising sector

It then seems clear that programmatic Belize Mobile Database represents an excellent opportunity not only to reduce costs. But also to broaden the reach of your campaign and to reach users in moments of interest.

So let’s see some steps to evaluate to include programmatic within your multi-channel strategy .

Consider the context…

Programmatic formats can take on different shapes and sizes. From the very small (Native) to the very large (Digital Out of Home).

Feature that allows the ad to adapt perfectly to the context and contact point in which it is inserted, to reach users and thus broaden the potential reach of the campaign.

3D Digital Billboard the fourth dimension of advertising

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Thanks to the malleability of the formats, programmatic ALB Directory can be used to reach users at times when their attention span is already very high.

Just think of a user who is in the gym on the treadmill and who is listening to a podcast on his phone: an audio strategically inserted within the program he is listening to allows him to be reached at a moment inaccessible through other media.

The effect of the ad doesn’t just reach the user, but helps the advertiser reinforce the message, driving the user further down the funnel.

Respond to changes

Thanks to its flexibility and ease of activation, programmatic is one of the media that allows for greater responsiveness to external events.

How to include in a strategy

If you have already heard of Programmatic Advertising , you are in good company. In the digital advertising field it is one of the sectors that is growing the most.

This is also confirmed by recent findings from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Which show how Digital Out Of Home , Connected TV and Audio were among the fastest growing media in 2022.


If you’ve never experienced programmatic firsthand in your campaigns, you’re in equally good company. As recently as 2020 , 15% of companies said they didn’t invest in programmatic. At all, and 41% dedicated less than 20% of their budget.

Programmatic Budget Definition

From 2020 to today, programmatic has grown significantly, despite the poor adoption by advertisers. Who carry out few tests, even sporadically.

What is Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising is a highly automated Jamaica Mobile Database method of purchasing advertising space. Which, thanks to the use of dedicated software. Allows users to be reached with the right communications, at the most suitable time and place.

This purchasing method is driven by software and algorithms based on machine learning and enriched by artificial intelligence, capable of adapting the message in real time based on the context and the user.

DSP and SSP Programmatic Advertising machines

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In order to carry out programmatic advertising, first of all the ALB Directory presence of two machines is necessary, the DSP (Demand Side Platform) on the advertiser side and the SSP (Supply Side Platform) on the seller side, which allow the purchase of advertising spaces in real time.

In the programmatic purchasing process, the seller offers the advertising spaces available on their properties ( inventory ) for sale via the SSP, which connects to the exchanges,  actual places where the inventory is sold and purchased in real time.

On the other side of the chain, the advertiser uses the DSP to select the target of his interest and define the space purchase parameters (budget, timing etc.): the elements on the basis of which the machine will place the purchase offer .

When the match between supply and demand occurs, the advertiser wins the impression and the ad is served to its target audience on the seller’s site.

Active voice is always better

Using the active form of sentences makes the contents clearer because they manage to attract the audience’s attention. On social media it is always better to create concise and usable copy.

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Try longer posts

We know it well, content on social media must be short and easy to understand . The time available to make users read content is very short, which is why copy of just a few lines is favored.


But we must also consider that, in some circumstances and on some social networks in particular, the public wants to read more information and loves to delve deeper into certain topics.

On LinkedIn, for example, your brand can use longer posts to ensure greater knowledge of a topic or to create compelling content capable of generating connections with the audience.

Drive action with targeted CTAs

Don’t confuse users with too many calls to Uruguay Mobile Database action within your post. Few but precise requests for actions will guarantee you excellent results.

What should your audience do? What action are you asking them to take and what is the goal you want to achieve through that post? Starting from these questions, structure your CTA and try to convince your audience to do it.

For example, within a post on Instagram, you can ask the user to visit your site using the phrase “find out more in the link in bio”.

Analyze the data

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The social media copywriter’s work ALB Directory doesn’t end when the post is published.

In fact, the most important part is to collect the results achieved  by the contents to understand which ones performed best and to adopt the best strategy for subsequent ones.

Learn to analyze which topics generate the most awareness, which are the lengths of the posts that performed best, which are the CTAs with the highest conversions.

People’s needs are at the center of your copy. Don’t ignore what your audience needs .

Only with this knowledge will you be able to create a narrative capable of generating awareness of that need and generating a greater perception of your brand. Accompany the user in discovering what he needs and what the use of your product or service will solve.

Carrying out a benchmark analysis

which social media content performs best for your audience and your market. As well as delving deeper into which conversations are trending to discover information about your target.

Before you start writing, create your style guide. Building an authentic and distinct voice that will allow you to improve the brand awareness of your company. Build the loyalty of your audience and differentiate yourself from the competition.

In this guide you summarize everything related to copywriting, from grammar to tone of voice, up to how to approach writing on different platforms. To make it happen, consult all the creative and marketing teams, as well as the brand strategist and social media manager.

At this point the time has finally come to put into practice 10 tips for creating copy that works for your social media.

How and why to create web personas for your website

Thinking of original content every time Panama Mobile Database can be very difficult.

Turn your best posts into templates to save time and replicate success. Start from the data, analyze the creativity that performed best and turn it into a format.

Use all the content

Recycle, recycle, recycle.Don’t miss the opportunity to use content written for other channels but adapt it to your social strategy .

For example, take a blog post and turn it into a carousel for Instagram or a quote for Facebook. Don’t waste content that works for your audience.

Hook your audience

Every day we are subjected to a myriad of contents and information.

For this reason it is essential to find your hook to keep the user glued to your posts and gain the most important exchange currency: attention.

What it takes to become a Copywriter

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Speak to your community in ALB Directory a clear and accessible way to make your communication more inclusive. To do this, a few simple precautions are enough.

Make hashtags easy to read : Use capital letters at the beginning of each word. Example: #NinjaMarketing;

Avoid writing in CAPS LOCK : capitalizing all text could make screen readers interpret those words as an acronym and this could interrupt the user experience.

The first time you use an acronym , write it out in full. It will be easier to understand it the next time;

Write in understandable language : anyone must be able to understand what you write.

Avoid repetitive and redundant sentences.Important information should always be at the beginning of the copy.Mentions and hashtags are preferable at the end of a copy.

User Experience within the DSP

No, we don’t talk about what the user will see. Let’s talk about what whoever sets up the campaign will see.

Unfortunately, Demand Side Platforms are complex machines, which require being handled with caution, due to the numerous levels they are made up of.

In some cases the high level of customization turns out to be a problem rather than an advantage.

Therefore, when choosing your DSP, first ask yourself what level of customization you need.

Do you routinely have campaigns that span numerous countries, dozens of targeting types, and highly fragmented budgets? In this case it is necessary to think of a DSP that allows you to fragment the delivery of your creativity very precisely.

What is copywriting

As Peter Barry stated « advertising is based Costa Rica Mobile Database on communication. And it doesn’t matter whether it is made of images or words as long as it is simple. Whatever you may think, anyone can write a good long text. Think of your work not as that of someone who writes words, but that of someone who avoids them. You are not writing a novel or a poem .”

Therefore copywriting deals with writing a text for advertising or marketing purposes .

Copy, i.e. written content, aims to increase brand awareness and convince the public to take an action.

The copywriter, in addition to being creative, must know perfectly what tone of voice the brand uses on each channel and who it is addressing.

Copywriting for social media what to know before you start writing

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You can’t start writing good copy if you ALB Directory haven’t asked the right questions first.

This is because every brand has its own copywriting strategy and its own language. Knowing your audience and analyzing your competitors is the first step to implement before taking pen in hand.

Identifying your buyer personas means knowing who your text should speak to and who you are addressing your message to. When you know your audience it is easier to decide which social networks to act on and in what way.

In this sense, it is useful to answer a series of simple questions that can help you better focus your copy approach.

Offered by the Demand Side Platform

A key element of every campaign is who we want to reach, which is why it is essential to know. Which targeting options are available in each DSP.

The types of targeting available can vary from the broadest. Lifestyle/affinity-based (available, indeed, in almost all modern DSPs) to the most granular. Which focus on the life stage the user is in or their most recent purchases.

Another factor that should not be overshadowed are integrations with external DMPs or third-party data. For example, do you use Google Analytics to track data on your site?

You can certainly consider using Display & Video 360 for your programmatic campaigns, considering that it has native integration with Google Marketing Platform products and that it has access to a huge amount of data, collected via the Google network.

How to purchase

One of the advantages of programmatic is that of being able to El-Salvador Mobile Database use different purchasing methods, based on the commitment that the advertiser makes towards the publisher.

It is possible to participate in auctions crowded with thousands of advertisers, or to resort to one-to-one agreement methods with specific publishers, establishing a priori a CPM and a number of guaranteed impressions.

One to one agreements in DSP – demand side platform

When choosing the DSP to use, however, it is important to remember that not all DSPs on the market support all purchase methods (especially those that involve one-to-one agreements).

Also in this case, therefore, there is no single direction that tells us which is the right Demand Side Platform on every occasion, but it is necessary to be ready to activate one or more depending on the needs of the campaign and the supported purchase methods.

Platform Fees

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Like any service, DSPs also have costs, which can vary from a percentage of the ALB Directory invested budget to an additional CPM based on the impressions delivered.

In this case, clearly, the tendency is to focus on the cheapest DSP.

It should not be forgotten, however, that each DSP has its own fundamental characteristics: some DSPs allow you to target certain audience segments only upon payment of an additional CPM, but how important is it for you to reach that segment?

Demand Side Platform

If you have approached the world of programmatic advertising . You have certainly heard of Demand Side Platform: the machines that form the basis of programmatic. TO


To date, there are a few dozen on the market and to orient yourself you would really need a guide. Or at least a list of a few simple steps to find the right DSP.


The history of programmatic advertising, and consequently DSPs is quite limited. The news of the failure of Mediamath came a few weeks ago . Which was one of the first DSPs launched on the market in 2007, a time when programmatic was still in its infancy.


Since then, new DSPs have been launched which have revolutionized. The market and contributed to the definition of programmatic advertising as we know it today. So much so that it has led real giants of the digital world to develop proprietary technologies for the market.

DSP and Inventory integrations

One of the reasons why people choose to Paraguay Mobile Database use programmatic. Advertising is the desire to increase the reach of their campaign, possibly optimizing costs.

Therefore, when choosing which DSP to use, it is essential to ensure that the inventory we are interested in is available.

Every DSP worthy of the name must be able to connect to exchanges . The virtual places where demand meets supply and where the buying and selling of impressions takes place. Each DSP is more powerful the more it is able to integrate with different exchanges. In fact, each site can put its space up for sale through one or more exchanges. So if you have sites of particular interest. Make sure that the exchange through which it sells is supported by the DSP you intend to use.

Delivery device

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The question “where will my ad appear?” it is very ALB Directory important not only in terms of sites/apps on which the advertising will be published. But also in terms of devices on which it will be used.

To date, every DSP on the market is capable of placing ads on desktop or mobile spaces. In recent years, however, the number of devices on which programmatic campaigns can be delivered has expanded, giving advertisers the possibility of publishing adverts in radio , smart TV or digital out of home environments .

These solutions, which are among the newest, are not supported by all players: just think that even Display & Video 360 integrated DOOH only last year .

It is therefore appropriate to delve deeper into the possibility of planning campaigns on these devices before committing to the use of one DSP rather than another.

How to proceed in this case

Remarketing is certainly one of the most used targeting strategies to reach users inclined to purchase. But the format also plays its part. If you have good lists of users ready to purchase, it is worth using Dynamic Creativity. I.E. creativity that composes the advertising banner based on the products previously seen by the users or by offering similar products.

These creatives (based on the product feed) are the flagship of a giant like Criteo. But can also be easily created through other partners such as Google, Amazon and others.

Trained to enhance loyalty

Once you reach the conversion phase Honduras Mobile Database you are only halfway there. You have obtained the customer, now you have to retain him and, possibly, push him to repeat purchases with you.

If you are not the only one providing a certain type of product, the customer may be tempted to switch to the competition. The user must perceive a benefit in being loyal to you, such as a personalized discount. To develop formats that include a promo you can use standard or dynamic banners with a specific code to add to the cart, which gives them access to a personalized discount.

If the customer has already made one or more purchases on your site, you will have a good amount of data to draw on to exploit Dynamic Creativity . Through remarekting you can set these creatives to show users products that are compatible with their previous purchases. In other words, they can be used for cross-selling and up-selling purposes.

A loyal customer often doesn’t just visit the site

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But also wants to stay in touch via social ALB Directory media. You will see him follow your social pages and like your posts or reels. So, why not take advantage of the power of social media and expand it?

Through programmatic, in fact, it is possible to use social posts as a basis from which to generate display creativity. It is then possible to make it “bounce” on the display network in advertising slots dedicated to specific formats. For example, a Facebook post can easily be reused in the space of an MPU (300×250), allowing you to update customers even when they are not browsing social media.

Formats to stimulate Consideration

If in the awareness phase the brands have competed for the user’s attention, in the consideration phase. They must convince the user that their products are right for him.

Which formats are best suited to convey this message?

An interesting move to convince the user that a certain product is right for them is to show its features . In fact, there are custom formats that not only show the product as a whole but allow. You to go into detail about its components or show different variations.

Format for middle funnel consideration. Credit: Teads – Teads Creative Showcase.

Furthermore, within the same trend, showcase or carousel formats are included , which allow you to show not only a specific product but an entire range/collection of products.

Invibes showcase for consideration

Credit: Invibes – Dune: Warner Bros. Pictures turns to Bolivia Mobile Database in-feed advertising with Invibes and blue2purple in Belgium

Finally, to fully involve the user, you can even opt for 3D effects that give the user the opportunity to actually try the product.

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If you do not have the possibility of using highly customized formats, it is essential to remember that a user in the decision-making phase wants to know more details about the product. One solution could be to aim to bring as much traffic as possible to the product page on the site.

A format to definitely evaluate in this case is native . It is inserted into articles and contexts in line with the user’s searches and interests, with a format that makes it seem native to the site. In this way, by positioning itself as another article in the online magazine, it guarantees qualified traffic. All this, without giving up the possibility of anticipating some details.

Native formats for the middle funnel

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If, however, you want to give more details ALB Directory in your ads, it is possible to show the product best even in standard formats. For example, rich media display formats that, through personalized animations and eye-catching wording, show the product or collection in its entirety.

Formats to push Conversion

Once in the conversion phase, the user is one step away from making the purchase. But that step is often the most difficult. For this reason it is necessary that the formats used in advertising remove any barrier between the user and the “buy” button.