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The director of Digital Pixel, Erik Willian, was invited by Centro Universitário Una to give a lecture to Digital Marketing students. The conversation was about conversion metrics on the internet, citing the importance of knowing how to capture data, transform it into metrics and from there make strategic decisions for campaigns and actions on the web. According to Erik, when data is well analyzed, it allows us to know what the consumer wants, to know what works and what doesn’t, removing decisions from the famous guesswork and increasing their effectiveness.

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The importance of knowing and collecting data, making decisions based on this, the conversation also aimed to awaken in students the need to analyze the results of digital marketing actions, since, for Erik, professionals in the field lack the ability to prove to its directors how beneficial investing in the web is. “Professionals Special Trade Contractors Email List are unable to show their directors how much their investments in the web have returned in terms of number of customers and sales” stated Erik. “It is for these and other reasons that.

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The first to be cut during crises, as they have never proven their effectiveness with numbers and end up seen as dispensable, when in fact without them, companies’ revenues will fall to the ground.The conversation was marked by strong interaction, as students felt free to question, clarify doubts and add points, which  Alb Directory guided the talk. For the subject teacher, Gutenberg Almeida, moments of school-market integration are excellent opportunities for students to prepare even more for the challenges of the profession.

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Editor’s note: This blog was updated in for accuracy and to reflect modern practices. When it comes to making smarter content decisions for your eCommerce business, nothing’s more important than a brilliant SEO strategy. But how do you make a strategy work when you’re dealing with seasonal changes to customer traffic and buying behavior? Enter SEO forecasting. In this guide, we’ll provide a complete breakdown of what SEO forecasting is, why it’s important for your online business, and which six tools you can use to forecast your organic traffic, including. Prophet by Facebook Google Looker Studio SEO Forecasting with you’ll learn what to do with all the SEO data you’ve collected — and how you can use it to create smarter content that meets your customers’ needs.

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You can always get in touch and let our experts find the right SEO forecasting tool for you. WHAT IS SEO FORECASTING? SEO forecasting involves using website and landing page traffic data to predict traffic potential, the value of SEO traffic, click-through rate (CTR), and other benchmarks over a specific time period in the future. Businesses have always predicted return on investment (ROI) based on historic  Food and Kindred Products Manufacturers Email List seasonal product sales trends. SEO forecasting is an extension of that in the digital realm. In this case, the historical data is the search volume of specific terms — and your website traffic — at various points during a given time period. WHY IS SEO FORECASTING IMPORTANT? Because seasonality can affect both eCommerce sales and SEO performance, it’s important to strategize your SEO efforts with data-backed traffic forecasts. For example, if your site traffic historically rises during.

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On the other hand, if you can predict that site traffic will drop during a certain time period, you can set more realistic expectations — and perhaps focus more on other aspects of your digital marketing strategy (like social media, PR, paid search efforts, and more). In essence, knowing when to expect slumps or spikes in traffic can inform a holistic digital marketing strategy and enable your team of marketers to build smarter SEO campaigns. forecasting  ALB Directory is all about looking at your past performance to predict your performance and available growth opportunities in the future. For the sake of this blog, we’ll focus mainly on organic in predicting your associated revenue growth, check out our guide to forecasting SEO ROI here. Now, let’s get started. Step 1: Gather historical data. You need to start by understanding your site and business’s historical trends. Evaluate your site’s performance during high periods (like the holiday shopping season) for the last few years.

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Other (in both men’s and women’s publications, as well as lifestyle magazines) Chocolate and sweets – includes new  Valentine’s Day– includes chocolate product launches, organic  vegan and gluten-free, etc. “Red” and products related to love. Includes clothing and apparel, beauty products and lifestyle products Your pitch plan for December might look. Something like this: Week 1  regional/local magazines for February.

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That could mean free shipping (more on that later), but you Valentine’s Day– includes should also include pricier shipping options. In addition to standard shipping, give consumers a Security and Commodity Brokers Email List choice of at least two more expedited shipping options, such as two-day delivery or overnight shipping. Pro tip: Fulfillment speed also affects delivery times because shoppers don’t care  gotten it yet.

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My goal is to make getting your products featured in magazines as easy for you as possible! As you know, magazines start looking for products 3 – 6 months in advance, so ALB Directory you have to plan accordingly. What products should you Valentine’s Day– includes pitch in December? There are two types of magazines that you may want to consider pitching your products to: magazines and magazines. In December,  magazines are working on their May issue. Here are the types of products they typically cover during this month.

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Many  two-facebook-pages companies manage their presence on facebook incorrectly. Instead of having a fan page, they have a personal profile. or a personal profile and a fan page -both with the same name- or two different fan pages, with different names but referring to the same company. If you find yourself in any of the scenarios stated, don’t worry. I am going to explain what we should do to solve it. either by merging the fan pages or by migrating the personal profile to a fan page to later merge them. Index [ hide ] fusion fan pagesscenario 1 . I have two fan pages with the same name. Carolina is the administrator of two facebook fan pages. Both refer to the same business, the veterinary clinic where she works as a community manager. The two pages are called “animalia veterinary clinic”. She currently only posts on one of them, but the one she doesn’t post on has 3,500 fans. If she eliminated it, she would lose them. and she doesn’t want to. What can she do? Very simple, merge them.

I have two fan pages with the same name

If two-facebook-pages on one fan page carolina accumulates 5,000 fans and on the other, 3,500, it is very possible. that she will not end  up adding 8,500 followers, since in all probability there will be duplications, users who follow both pages. Thus, at the end of the merger, carolina will add to the 5,000, the 3,500 of the merged one minus the users who were already fans of the first. Currently she only publishes Canadian Colleges Universities Email List in the second, but in the first, “clínica animalia” has 3,500 fans. If she eliminates her, she would lose them, and she doesn’t want to. What can she do. Very simple, merge them, but to do this, you must first modify the name of the first, from “Animalia clinic. to “Animalia veterinary clinic” and make sure that both pages have the same information: name, address, telephone number, etc.

I have two fan pages with different names but both

The migration will be immediate and all friends will automatically become fans. Before two-facebook-pages  the personal profile disappeared.but the last time she performed a migration. the personal profile remained. It may also be the case that a personal ALB Directory profile, upon reaching 5,000 friends.mark zuckerberg’s social network notifies you that you can no longer add more, and you must migrate it to a fan page . This responds to the fact that it is understood that if an. individual has more than. 5,000 friends, he is a celebrity: a singer, writer, actor, politician… And therefore, it is up to him to manage his communication with his fans. through an artist page, group of music or public figure . Scenario 4. I have a personal profile and a fan page..both. refer to the same thing but have different names. In this last scenario, the first thing carolina must decide is what name she wants her fan page to have.