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A good product or service is not enough. Nee PR support? You are in the best hands! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you The essence of public relations, the main task of a PR agency Analyzing the above definitions, we can notice a pattern consisting of three elements: an organization carrying out a certain public mission, environment of this organization, clients, members of local authorities, meia or residents, relationship between the organization and its environment, determine by mutual nees. The task of the public relations agency is to take care of these relations.

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Nurturing them in order to build and maintain a favorable image of the organization and thus achieve the set business goals. Where did the history of public relations firms begin? The first public relations agency was establishe in 1900 in the USA. For years phone number list in Europe, the “American” approach to business, in which self-promotion and image building play a key role, was frowne upon. However, this has begun to change and today Europe, and with it Poland, already has a well-forme market of public relations agencies. Although the basic principles of PR have not change for over a century.

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New PR tools and strategies for survival in the market are constantly emerging. Public relations agencies in Poland It may seem unbelievable that ALB Directory the first Polish public relations agency was founde only in 1990. At Commplace, we joine the game a little later, because we’ve been doing good public relations since 1996. We were among the first advertising agencies in our region at that time. Soon, we adde marketing, online activities, and finally online public relations to the topics we deal with. It was with the development of the Internet that a real boom in public relations agencies began.

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