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An example of such events may be a company trip with visiting museums or with a canoeing trip or climbing the mountains. Another example is an integration event in the form of an evening during which a music band performe and the participants got a meal. Such action is the most appropriate and in accordance with applicable regulations. If the same company wante to organize a Christmas party and finance it from the Social Fund, it would act against the law. Why? Because it is difficult to consider that the party was a form of recreation, sport, recreation or a form of cultural activity.

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When financing integration events from the Social Fund, the social criterion does not have to be taken into account, which means that all employees can participate in the event on the same terms. An interesting idea for an integration whatsapp mobile number list meeting is the result of the time and effort spent to find it. Below we propose 6 unusual concepts that you and your employees may also like. An idea for an integration meeting – get to know your team well Unusual ideas for an integration meeting Integration meetings are a very important part of team building.

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They affect the atmosphere at work and improve the efficiency of the entire team. They also build loyalty among employees, increase their qualifications and motivate them for future actions. That is why every, even a small company nowadays ALB Directory organizes integration meetings, because their great role has been notice. Everyone knows how much good comes from joint integration meetings. Tightening interpersonal ties or improving the atmosphere at work are just some of the many benefits. For a large part of employees, it is also the only way to get to know each other in conditions other than the office space. Traditional company events consiste of meeting in a restaurant for dinner or training combine with an evening party.

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