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The development of rules of conduct and the moderation of publications are inherent in the management of a group to avoid abuse, spam and trolls. This important work requires a lot of time. But the interest of Facebook groups is to be able to elect administrators to assist you in this task. Facebook groups are however little used by brands As we have seen, groups relating to brands are generally created by users, and not by the brands themselves. Nevertheless, among the rare examples of a group managed by a brand.

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We find Shopify which uses this tool as a technical support service for its customers. User-initiated groups are more numerous Latest Mailing Database and sometimes unite many members. This is the case of the “Aroma-Zone Additcs” group, which brings together more than 34,000 Aroma-Zone fans to discuss recipes and advice on homemade cosmetics. Even more impressive, the “Action Addict” group brings together nearly 280,000 members, not counting related groups.

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Facebook-action-groupsWhy Facebook’s future feature could be a game-changer The functionality in the testing phase could encourage ALB Directory you to take the plunge and be a pioneer in the creation of Facebook groups for professional purposes. You will have the possibility to create a group specific to your page or to integrate an existing group to your business page. With this official group, you have the opportunity to unite a qualified community even more easily.

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