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Think about diversifying your sources of acquisition. rethinking your persona models and certainly putting your site back at the center of all your web marketing work. No longer bet everything on Google services and other web giants We will have to think about diversifying our levers on the web if this action really takes place. Indeed. the goal is above all to split the market to remove the main web players from their monopoly. If your entire way of working on the web is to revolve around a single 


Perhaps the most striking example is that of Google

Today. many companies work their site around Australia Phone Number List SEO on Google. whether natural or paid. You also certainly use related services such as the Google My Business file or the office suite that goes with it. in particular with gmail addresses. In the future. this may force you to evolve if the market breaks out. Think about a differentiated and multi-platform web marketing approach The proliferation of web sources11 essential tips for successful 


SEO of a website February 2. 2021AuthorMatthieu tips-seo.png Some claim that SEO is a thing of the past and that search engines have evolved and adopted a totally autonomous algorithm. Let me prove you wrong… Before even starting your SEO campaign and rushing headlong. it is important to be able to answer 3 questions: What is the main theme of your site? What is its purpose?


 How dedicated are you to it? Let’s start right away with the first tip

Contents [show] 1. Stick to one main theme Of course. I wouldn’t want to force you to write on the same subject over and over again. Of course. you can write whatever you want. However. it is important to have a consistent theme throughout your site. For example. marketing is a very general theme. online marketing is already more limited. Fashion is very general. men’s fashion narrower… I think you’ve understood where I’m coming from. 

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This step is crucial. a little keyword research with SEO software is necessary before you fully invest. It will allow you to find out about the average number of  ALB Directory searches per month for one or more keywords. 2. Mention your keywords where necessary Include your theme in your site title. domain name. description. keywords. different categories. page titles. and page content. If you use WordPress. you have the possibility to change these many parameters within the tool. 3. Add links to your site’s internal pages Indeed. adding links to its own pages allows you to “reinforce” the architecture of your site.

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