How to proceed in this case

Remarketing is certainly one of the most used targeting strategies to reach users inclined to purchase. But the format also plays its part. If you have good lists of users ready to purchase, it is worth using Dynamic Creativity. I.E. creativity that composes the advertising banner based on the products previously seen by the users or by offering similar products.

These creatives (based on the product feed) are the flagship of a giant like Criteo. But can also be easily created through other partners such as Google, Amazon and others.

Trained to enhance loyalty

Once you reach the conversion phase Honduras Mobile Database you are only halfway there. You have obtained the customer, now you have to retain him and, possibly, push him to repeat purchases with you.

If you are not the only one providing a certain type of product, the customer may be tempted to switch to the competition. The user must perceive a benefit in being loyal to you, such as a personalized discount. To develop formats that include a promo you can use standard or dynamic banners with a specific code to add to the cart, which gives them access to a personalized discount.

If the customer has already made one or more purchases on your site, you will have a good amount of data to draw on to exploit Dynamic Creativity . Through remarekting you can set these creatives to show users products that are compatible with their previous purchases. In other words, they can be used for cross-selling and up-selling purposes.

A loyal customer often doesn’t just visit the site

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But also wants to stay in touch via social ALB Directory media. You will see him follow your social pages and like your posts or reels. So, why not take advantage of the power of social media and expand it?

Through programmatic, in fact, it is possible to use social posts as a basis from which to generate display creativity. It is then possible to make it “bounce” on the display network in advertising slots dedicated to specific formats. For example, a Facebook post can easily be reused in the space of an MPU (300×250), allowing you to update customers even when they are not browsing social media.

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