Formats to stimulate Consideration

If in the awareness phase the brands have competed for the user’s attention, in the consideration phase. They must convince the user that their products are right for him.

Which formats are best suited to convey this message?

An interesting move to convince the user that a certain product is right for them is to show its features . In fact, there are custom formats that not only show the product as a whole but allow. You to go into detail about its components or show different variations.

Format for middle funnel consideration. Credit: Teads – Teads Creative Showcase.

Furthermore, within the same trend, showcase or carousel formats are included , which allow you to show not only a specific product but an entire range/collection of products.

Invibes showcase for consideration

Credit: Invibes – Dune: Warner Bros. Pictures turns to Bolivia Mobile Database in-feed advertising with Invibes and blue2purple in Belgium

Finally, to fully involve the user, you can even opt for 3D effects that give the user the opportunity to actually try the product.

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If you do not have the possibility of using highly customized formats, it is essential to remember that a user in the decision-making phase wants to know more details about the product. One solution could be to aim to bring as much traffic as possible to the product page on the site.

A format to definitely evaluate in this case is native . It is inserted into articles and contexts in line with the user’s searches and interests, with a format that makes it seem native to the site. In this way, by positioning itself as another article in the online magazine, it guarantees qualified traffic. All this, without giving up the possibility of anticipating some details.

Native formats for the middle funnel

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If, however, you want to give more details ALB Directory in your ads, it is possible to show the product best even in standard formats. For example, rich media display formats that, through personalized animations and eye-catching wording, show the product or collection in its entirety.

Formats to push Conversion

Once in the conversion phase, the user is one step away from making the purchase. But that step is often the most difficult. For this reason it is necessary that the formats used in advertising remove any barrier between the user and the “buy” button.

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