Why do FB ads

With an ever-growing active user base on Facebook, this platform represents a powerful. Advertising channel because it allows you to show your. Ads to 2.17 billion people . almost 30% of the world’s population; a number that has recently grown. As can be seen from the graph below, also thanks to the pandemic experienced.

social media users – facebook advertisingImage source:

More recent data also shows us how Facebook’s growth did not stop. Even after the period which, due to the pandemic. Which forced many people indoors. could make the data “falsified”, as shown in the. Graph below with the data developed by We are social and Hootsuite.

Differences between Facebook ads and the Google network

Facebook and the Google Display Network can be considered the Indonesia Mobile Database largest online advertising networks in. The world if you consider that Facebook has more than 2 billion users. On its site and Google performs over 40,000 searches per second .

Google is the most popular paid per click (PPC) advertising platform where the. Advertiser has the possibility of running paid campaigns by choosing between:

search campaigns that are based on certain keywords that the user may search for;

display campaigns , where ads are displayed on the search engine and on partner sites such as Youtube and many others.

Usually, the advert will consist of simple text, although in some cases there are also options for adding images and in practice what will be done with your advert will be to show it to users who are searching for similar products or services on the search engine .

When to choose Facebook and when to Google

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In summary, using Google ADS we have seen how the Display ALB Directory Network allows you to connect with customers on over a million. Websites around the world by allowing you to show your ads to people who visit their favorite news sites or blogs, while the Search Network. Through the use of specific keywords, allows you to intercept users who are looking for similar products or services on the search engine.

By using Facebook advertising instead, it is possible to show your ads to many users several times. Reaching that segment of users potentially most interested in your product or service, since it is possible to make a clear choice on the target audience to filter the viewers as much as possible of ads.

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