What is a synthesis Know some examples

Therefore, Maintaining the essential meaning of the original content. In the context of writing. There is a method with. Which information is summarized and condensed in a clear and precise manner. Preserving the essential meaning of the original text. Do you know what a synthesis is ? In this post we will explain it to you with examples. Therefore, Synthesizing a text is an important skill in different contexts, from school to the professional world. Since it allows the reader to quickly and efficiently understand information. Presented without having to read it in its entirety.

What is a synthesis and how is it prepared

A synthesis is a summary of information from another longer text. Therefore, Maintaining the essential meaning of the original content. Its preparation Georgia Whatsapp Number List involves several steps that we detail below. Comprehensive reading of the original text: to write a synthesized text well. Therefore, It is important to read the original carefully and understand all its content. It is necessary to identify the main ideas, arguments and general structure of the text. Selecting the most relevant information: once the original text is understood, it is necessary to choose the most important data. It is vital to distinguish between main and secondary ideas and take into account the objective of the synthesis. Organization of information. Once relevant information has been selected. It should be organized into an outline or draft to determine the order in which ideas will be presented.

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Synthesis objectives

Here are some of the most common purposes of synthesis: Summarize. Therefore, The most common goal of synthesis is to summarize complex and extensive ALB Directory information into a shorter. Easier-to-understand text. Identify the main ideas.The synthesis can also be used to establish the main ideas of a text and present them in a clear and concise manner. Compare and contrast information: it can be used to compare and compare different information sources and present them coherently. Present an opinion or argument: it is possible to use synthesis. Therefore, To present a criterion or reasoning on a specific topic, using information from different sources. Document sources. Finally, it can be used to document and cite the sources used in a research or academic work.

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