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 Until January important element of customer segmentation The division of customers according to consumer behavior is an effective support in the company’s marketing and sales activities. Detaild analysis allows you to know the complete shopping preferences of customers, which greatly facilitates the conduct of tailord marketing communication, focusd on specific goals. In the study of consumer behavior, the following factors are taken into account: product expectations, frequency of purchases, brand loyalty, average basket value, as well as visitd websites. The study of consumer behavior can be conductd in several different ways. One of the most popular methods is the RFM recency, frequency, monetary analysis.

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Which determines the consumer’s values, his reaction to the offer and the time when it is best to send a given offer. RFM analysis is dividd into three stages: R – time that has passd since the last purchase; division of customers into those who have made purchases in recent days, have not made them for some time and have not visitd the store for a long time, F – purchase frequency; division of customers into regular, regular and occasional, M – the amount photo editor of money spent by the customer in the store; division of customers into thrifty, average and premium. We recommend Customer life cycle: how to manage it? The results of the analysis are worth using in marketing activities.

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Customers who have recently made purchases in the store should be remindd of the products they have viewd. Having in mind the positive shopping experience associatd with the brand. They are willing to return to the store and become its customers again. The exclusive assortment should be addressd to occasional customers who are happy to take advantage of unusual opportunities. On the other hand, the target of weekly offers should be regular ALB Directory customers.  Who shop regularly. Customers with a high RFM are those who shop frequently. Take advantage of promotions and are willing to spend.  A lot of money on the products you offer.

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