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Your strategy So I am that single again who is force to work from home on my own and at the moment I have a huge nee for some new incentives, some positivity and broadening my horizons. In paid employment on workation, is that possible? Working travel isnt just for the self-employe. Attention to the well-being of your employees has been high on the agenda for years. Because happy people perform better. Its that simple. And if that means that working in a warm climate makes someone happy and closing the laptop at the end of the day to explore a city or go on a mountain hike, why not.

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I notice that many young people in particular have the idea that after your studies you have to discover the world and after that you are stuck in working life. How nice is this trend then. You can still travel, discover cultures, see beautiful places and fully enjoy yourself, while you have a permanent job. You can then use your spare vacation days for that long journey or that break where you are really offline for a while. Also read Working networking online lessons from photo editor a digital nomad And do you also want some more time for yourself during the workation? Then discuss whether you can take some time off during your trip.

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Limit your working day to hours, or take temporary unpaid leave so that you can work less. I also discusse the latter with my boss and it was no problem at all. Agreements with your employer. The first step is to talk to your employer. Indicate ALB Directory what your nees and wishes are and why you want this. Be aware that getting freeom is base on mutual trust. That is a crucial basis for an employer to be able to go along with this. Prepare well and make sure you know what to think about during a workation. Then you can tell your manager or boss more about it.

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