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Turn swing sales and attract new customers. Czech online store – how to pay in the Czech Republic? When setting up a business in the Czech Republic, you should get to know the local market thoroughly. How to pay in the Czech Republic? The state has its own currency – the Czech crown. Tourists also pay in euros or dollars. There is currency conversion in online stores – this means that you will receive funds in Czech crowns. How to pay in the Czech Republic? According to E-Izba, Internet users choose different payment methods. The most popular is a creit card – this method of payment is chosen by 65 percent of buyers.

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The next place is the prepaid card, which is chosen by 17 percent of consumers. 9 percent people use an e-wallet, while 7 percent. chooses a classic bank transfer. This is valuable data. If you have a store and want to increase sales – introduce such payment methods. Interestingly, deferre payments are not popular on the Czech market. These in Poland photo editor are growing by up to 100 percent. year on year and are becoming one of the main payment methods for purchases. And how are parcels most often delivere? And what do Czech e-phrases look like? Parcels are most often delivere by the Czech Post.

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It is necessary to undertake a number of activities: from advertising, through SEO activities, to referral marketing. The Trokotex brand – a new client in the Commplace portfolio March 9, 2023 News The group of the agency’s clients has been extende by the Trokotex brand. The Commplace team was entruste with the preparation of the marketing strategy. Trokotex ALB Directory Polymer Group Sp is a company with traditions and Polish capital. For over 30 years, the group of clients has include sewage treatment plants, power plants, combine heat and power plants and the food industry.

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