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In the amount of of What should you the funds plann for the implementation of this task for a given year. Summary The Act of December , amending the Act on vocational and social. Rehabilitation and employment of disabl persons Journal of Laws of , item enter into force on January . Share with others Up Previous article History of submitted-declarations. In the e-tax office services What should you Next article Health insurance premium and shares in caal companies. Claus is claimer on We encourage you to comment on our articles. Express your opinion and engage in discussions with other readers.

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Relat to taxes and accounting of users via , chat or telephone – contact us. The administrator of your personal data is IFIRMA SA bas in Wrocław. By adding a comment on the blog, you provide us with your data name and surname, address and comment content. The system also philippines photo editor records the IP address using which you add the comment. The data is sav in the WordPress database. Your data is process bas on your consent resulting from adding a comment. The data is process for the purpose of publishing a comment on the blog. As well as for the purpose of defending or pursuing claims. Data in the WordPress database is stor for the duration of the blog’s operation.

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The details of data processing by IFIRMA SA on the privacy policy page of . Maybe these topics tooThey will make you curious Penalties for failure to submit financial statements by a limit liability company As you know, the financial statement is a document containing ALD Directory basic information about the company’s annual activities, which are present in financial terms. This obligation rests not only on caal companies, including limit liability companies, but also on partnerships and natural persons running a sole proprietorship.

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