The visually appealing appearance of your website

How can you help them? Attract potential customers to your. Website by providing useful information. Basically writing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) goes like this. Answer the questions that potential customers ask Discuss one main topic on each page Add links to relevant pages on your website or other websites Use phrases and words that your potential customers are searching for Above all: be helpful. 9. Be visually impressive Web copy and web design should work together.

Replace texts with images or videos

You can’t write your words , put your sentences whatsapp mobile number list together, or create your bullet points without thinking about how your website will look . affects the readability of your text and affects whether those on your site understand exactly what you are doing. How to improve the visual appearance of your web text: Consider different font sizes – remember that people always notice larger text first . You emphasize customer (or expert) quotes to add creibility Play with highlights bold.

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Also improves your perceive

CapsLock or italics Break down a long title into a headline with a subhead Turn paragraphs into bullet points Most importantly, get rid of the ALB Directory clutter . Reuce noise and add white space . Not only does this make your website easier to read, but it trustworthiness (source: Social Triggers ). SUMMARY of content creation that sells: The Truth About Persuasive Web Text: I would like to tell you that writing persuasive web content is easy. But the truth is, writing simple and useful web content is hard.

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