Of Your Audience On Twitter If A Slight Difference

It’s a whole story that is taking shape on the American Express Instagram account. We can say that they have completely appropriated Instagram codes, but not only. On Facebook, they are also very active. Shortly after Canva launched on Facebook, American Express quickly embraced this new, immersive format. Surf on current trends There is no secret in communication and marketing, you have to be very attentive to current trends and above all be responsive.

According To Your Activity And The Profile

Taking advantage of a fashion phenomenon, a buzz or a current event can allow you to get people talking about you and create whatsapp mobile number list commitment. The Pokemon Go phenomenon, for example, inspired Société Générale on Instagram two days after the launch of the game in France. Similarly, animals, and especially cats, are popular on social networks. ING Direct didn’t shy away from using a cat photo on Instagram. 4 Create interaction with your subscribers There is no magic formula to perpetuate a relationship, it must be maintained.

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Connection Habits This Can Indeed Vary

The same goes with a community on a social network. And the more you create interaction with it, the more you engage it, the more it will bring you visibility with other users. Social networks offer you the possibility of interacting in ALB Directory different ways with your followers. Be imaginative! One thing is certain, the games are much appreciated. has just launched a hunt for Space Invaders. In another register, Axa regularly offers polls on its Twitter account to get its community to react. 5 Build a close relationship with subscribers and customers To federate a community, it is precisely necessary to give him the impression of belonging to a community.

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