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Even after visiting the site. Use all our tips and websites designe to find the best domain name and you can be sure that your new domain name will be Latest Mailing Database perfect .Contents In this article, we will take a closer look at what a meta -description is , why they, and in such a way that it will bring you maximum benefit. What is a meta description? Simply put, a meta description is an HTML markup (HTML – English abbreviation of the words HyperText Markup Language ), which briefly describes the content of a web page.

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The meta description of a web page is generally found in search engines under the meta title and the web page link. In Google, you will see the meta ALB Directory description like this:In the Google search engine, you could keep the length of the meta description between 140-160 words. Here you can read more about how Google itself recommends using the meta description . Why is meta description important for SEO? Why? By using the meta description correctly.

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