What are its main characteristics

The Internet is evolving by leaps and bounds. Therefore, The Internet is no longer like it was a decade ago and we are about to experience. A leap called web 4.0. Expectations indicate  that it will be one of the most innovative ways to be connected to technology. Therefore, The fourth generation of the Internet represents a type of technology capable. Of understanding our natural language and adapting to people’s needs to make life easier. The web will become a part of the human being. If you thought we were already hyperconnected, then wait until you discover what’s coming. The virtual world will be able to do almost anything for you and you will only have to say “I accept” .

Natural language understanding

However, Natural language understanding (NLU), translated into Spanish as “natural language understanding”. Is about the ability of machines to perform a semantic and morphological analysis of language to create unambiguous representations and respond in the most Nepal Whatsapp Number List human way possible. . In other words, the Internet is capable of reading a message, interpreting it and understanding it to respond . However, It allows you to interact with technology through your own language. In fact, you can speak to him in different languages. This is not something new. We’ve already had a whiff of NLU with Siri, Alexa, ChatCompose and Cortana. These virtual assistants deduce what you want to say no matter how you express yourself.

New machine-machine communication models

You’ve probably already heard about the Internet of Things (IoT). The concept of it is very similar to machine-machine communication. In conclusion, In the world of technology it is also called machine to machine (M2M). It refers to the ALB Directory technology that allows the exchange of information between devices autonomously. That is, it does not require human intervention for it to occur. It is closely linked to the IoT. In conclusion, and its efficiency is based on its ability to collect and process large amounts of data in a short time.

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