How to incorporate Programmatic Advertising

As digital advertising continues to expand, users expect consistent advertising experiences across all touchpoints, whether online or offline.

Programmatic represents, in a certain sense, a bridge between these two worlds. Although there are experiences that are born digital (such as social media), in some aspects. Programmatic can be considered as the transition towards online of media that was born offline .

Just think, for example, that programmatic allows you to publish banners on online newspapers. The digital equivalent of images on newspaper pages. In recent years, the market share of advertising on Smart TV and Digital Out Of Home has expanded. Stealing ground from the old linear TV and signage, but with significantly lower prices.

How Connected TVs are changing the television advertising sector

It then seems clear that programmatic Belize Mobile Database represents an excellent opportunity not only to reduce costs. But also to broaden the reach of your campaign and to reach users in moments of interest.

So let’s see some steps to evaluate to include programmatic within your multi-channel strategy .

Consider the context…

Programmatic formats can take on different shapes and sizes. From the very small (Native) to the very large (Digital Out of Home).

Feature that allows the ad to adapt perfectly to the context and contact point in which it is inserted, to reach users and thus broaden the potential reach of the campaign.

3D Digital Billboard the fourth dimension of advertising

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Thanks to the malleability of the formats, programmatic ALB Directory can be used to reach users at times when their attention span is already very high.

Just think of a user who is in the gym on the treadmill and who is listening to a podcast on his phone: an audio strategically inserted within the program he is listening to allows him to be reached at a moment inaccessible through other media.

The effect of the ad doesn’t just reach the user, but helps the advertiser reinforce the message, driving the user further down the funnel.

Respond to changes

Thanks to its flexibility and ease of activation, programmatic is one of the media that allows for greater responsiveness to external events.

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