In 2019 Heinz celebrated its 150th anniversary , in which ketchup has seen a lot, both cooked and raw. The brand that has accompanied HEINZ & SELETTI STUDIO JOB every different dish, in every different culture and in different eras, has also seen changes in consumer tastes who, however, have never missed Heinz in their dishes.

Precisely for this reason, the brand has decided to celebrate its birthday with a limited edition of 150 plates, in collaboration with Seletti and Job Smeets , the two undisputed icons of design.


Ocean Spray is the well-known blueberry juice and sauce producer China Mobile Database  cooperative that unites more than 700 growers in the United States, Canada and Chile. On April 1, 2021, Heinz announces a probable partnership with Ocean Spray, creating an innovative product with a curious taste: Cravy , a sauce made of ketchup and blueberries. However, Heinz leaves it up to its loyal consumers to decide whether to actually give life to Cravy. The Twitter poll, however, did not give a positive response. Many wondered if the collaboration was an April Fool’s joke , but given the public’s lack of willingness to taste the new sauce, we were all left with this succulent doubt.


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Perhaps someone will know that the singer has an unconditional ALB Directory passion for Heinz. It is said that he never travels without his ketchup bottle and even has the unmistakable bottle tattooed on his arm. A truly loyal consumer that the brand couldn’t miss out on to increase awareness of him. And so Ed Sheeran and Heinz created a limited edition of tomato sauce called Edchup in 2019 , complete with a very funny commercial.

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