Competitor Search Campaigns

As mentioned, competitors can bid on your branded search terms to show ads when people are really looking for you. So guess what!?! … You are going to do the same thing. If you know who your competitors are there is no reason you shouldn’t be creating separate campaigns to bid on their branded terms and siphoning their potential customers over to your store instead. These are oftentimes great clicks to go after because if they are searching for your competitor it’s very likely they are already in-market for what you have to offer as well. 

Google Display Campaigns Unlike Google Search

Unlike Google Search campaigns, where you are bidding on actual keyword terms that people are searching for, the GDN is a collection of Display or Banner ads across a vast network of thousands of different sites that are partnered with Google. Display ads by nature are “interruption” marketing meaning that the Netherlands Phone Number Data person seeing the ad is not looking for it, it’s just there on whatever site they are currently looking at similar to how a billboard is just there on the side of the highway as you are driving along. 

Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns Trying to go

Trying to go after new cold traffic that has never heard of or seen your site or products before is a really good way to spend a lot of money with no results. Please trust me on this, I have learned hard from that mistake more than once. By utilizing the GDN for your Remarketing campaigns at least you ALB Directory can be sure you are showing your ad to a real person who has already been to your site and when they see your banner ad following them around the internet they will be way more likely to click it and hopefully finish that purchase Examples of Remarketing ads you might want to try would be something like giving them a coupon code for 10% off or a simple message like “You Forgot Something.

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