BookTok increases book sales among Generation Z

Kristen McLean, US book sector analyst for the NPD group (the largest Canadian book selling chain), underlined that the viral phenomenon allowed, in 2023, an increase in sales with an increase of 60% compared to the previous year .

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According to the study conducted by NPD, 80% of those who follow #booktok are under 35 years old. The trend of reading recommendations on social media can have the effect of generating new demand in the sector.

The data is confirmed by research by Indigo Books and music inc. Canada: “ The popularity of reading on TikTok has created a whole new level of excitement, particularly for teens ,” specifies Heather Reisman, the company’s CEO.

Publishing marketing focuses on BookTok

The publishing world is paying a lot of attention to the TikTok Cyprus Mobile Database phenomenon, so much so that it considers it one of the strengths of editorial marketing. It has allowed many titles to become best-sellers, simply with videos going viral on Generation Z’s favorite social network.

The voices of experts agree that BookTok may not be a passing fad, but that it will continue to drive sales in the book sector, determining, over time, a change in the reading market.

For this reason, industry insiders are keeping their eyes open, ready to take advantage of the opportunity. In the most well-known bookstores, it is now customary to find the #booktok department, which advises on the most popular titles on TikTok.

The idea of Bytedance

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The Guardian  newspaper  announced that ALB Directory Bytedance (Chinese company that owns TikTok) will begin selling books through a market place on the social network itself, thanks to the collaboration with various publishers, such as, Wh Smith, Bloomsbury,

The company is also about to launch its own publishing house, 8th Note Press, for the independent publication of the titles of the authors featured on BookTok.

“We’re excited to make it even easier for book lovers to purchase the latest BookTok recommendations, without ever leaving the platform, but at the same time providing new avenues for publishers, large and small, to reach their audiences,” said Patrick Nommensen . , Senior Director of eCommerce at TikTok Shop.

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