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Scream Frog SEO Spider sites it’s compliment by Raven’s Site Auditor (which can run automatically) and Advanc Web Rank’s site audit tool in my usage. Just about anyth you can think of from a site architecture and on-page standpoint can done with this tool. Scream Frog – a few years ago Branko did a great review TermExplorer A cloud-bas tool that processes large amounts of keywords pretty quickly and does a good job of br in terms from multiple sources. It also offers a competitive analysis feature that I don’t use very much as well as white-lal reports. It has pretty slick filter options for keywords and scans for exact match domains (.com and .net) in addition to CPC and keyword volume data. Term Explorer Avoid Tool Fatigue There is go to overlap across some of these tools and while the idea.

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Works in practice. Clients are different deliverables are different and business models are different. The trick is to avoid as much overlap as possible tween the tools that you use otherwise you end up wast time money and resources by overthink whatever it is that you are do. I have less than 20-ish toolsets that I use on an almost daily basis. Some of these are Retail Email List not us daily but definitely monthly. At one point I had access to over 40 different tools. The tools mention in this post are the ones that I’ve found the most value in and gain the most success from. Should Venture Back Startups Engage in Spammy SEO? Here’s a recent video of the founders of RapGenius talk at TechCrunch disrupt. Oops wrong video. Here’s the right one. Same difference.

Recently a thread on Hacker News

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Highlight a blog post which point how RapGenius was engag in reciprocal promotional arrangements where they would promote blogs on their Facebook or Twitter accounts if those bloggers would post a laundry list of keyword rich deeplinks at RapGenius. Matt Cutts quickly chim in on Hacker News “we’re investigat this now.” A friend of mine and I were chatt yesterday about what would happen. My priction was that absolutely noth would happen to RapGenius they would issue a faux ALB directory apology they would put no effort into clean up the exist links and the apology alone would sufficient evidence of good faith that the issue dies there. Today RapGenius publish a mea culpa where ultimately they defend their own spam by complain about how spammy other.

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