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As includ this in their post: “tools (Open Site Explorer) we found some suspicious backlinks to some of our competitors” It’s one th to in private complain about deal in a frustrat area but it’s another th to publicly throw your direct competitors under the bus with a table of link types and paint them as black hat spammers. Google can’t afford to penalize Rap Genius cause if they do Google Ventures will lose deal flow on the start ups Google co-invests in. In the past some of Google’s other investments were into companies that were pretty overtly spamm. RetailMeNot held multiple giveaways where if you embd a spammy sidebar set of deeplinks to their various.

Pages they gave you a free t-shirt

Google’s havior on such arrangements has usually en to hit the smaller players while look the other way on the bigger site on the other end of the transaction. That free t-shirt for links post was from 2010 – the same year that Google invest in RetailMeNot. They did those promotions multiple times & long enough that they ran Apparel And Accessory Stores Email List out of t-shirts!. The widgets didn’t link to the homepage of RetailMeNot or pages relevant to that particular blog rather they us (in some cases dozens of different) keyword rich deep links in each widget – arbitrag search queries ti various third party brands. Now that RTM is a publicly trad billion.

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Google already endors by invest in there’s a zero percent chance of them gett penaliz. To recap if you are VC-back you can: spam away wait until you are out when out reply with a combin “we didn’t know” and a “our competitors are spammers” deflective response. For the sake of clarity let’s compare that str of events (spam warn but no penalty ALB directory no effort ne to clean up insincere mea culpa) to how a websites are treat when not VC back. For smaller sites it is “shoot on sight” first and then ask questions later perhaps coupl with a friendly recommendation to start over. Here’s a post from today highlight a quote from.

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