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Must be included in a wellstructured email footer to keep the reader engaged g sure that the content is readable and the interactive elements are easy to use. Also avoid placing Place calls to action in strategic places within the email such as at the beginning middle and end. Visually highlight them so they are easy to find and act on into two distinct blocks Contact information such as the physical address of your company the telephone number and the contact email. Links to your companys privacy policy and legal notice. The reason for this is that they show transparency.

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with privacy and data protection regulations. Offers the possibility of subscription This is an effective way to encourage participation and reinforce recipient engagement. You can include a link or a subscription form so that interested people can subscribe to your mailing list. Thus you will be able to maintain a closer relationship with them and send them Gmx Email List future communications of their interest. Option to unsubscribe Option to unsubscribe It is essential to include in the footer of an email the possibility that the subscriber can unsubscribe from your service easily and without.

Complications Add a visible link that

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takes them to a page where they can easily unsubscribe. In conclusion the email marketing structure is directly related to the results of the campaigns themselves. For this reason it is vital to maintain order and coherence in the construction of the email so that there is balance and it is attractive to the recipients. To save yourself the pain of seeing your work ALB directory get the dreaded SPAM label use a reputable email marketing service provider and make sure you adhere to the best sending practices. MDirector is a comprehensive solution that offers a wide range of tools to facilitate the design of emails.

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