What if the answer was a sales page

In this guide we will analyze the differences between landing pages. Opt-in pages and squeeze pages. Sales pages: effective and innovative tools to grow your site.Your site ne.S an effective landing page. But which one to choose?A killer squeeze page or a super opt-in page?What if the answer was a sales page?There are many possibilities for those who. Like you. Want to grow and get involv. Starting from the most powerful communication tool in the world: the web.But let’s go in order…

What is a landing page

A landing page (I.E. Landing page) is a web page specifically creat. To special data convert visitors into leads (I.E. Potential customers).The landing page is bas. On the principle of offering the user something attractive that convinces him to leave his data (name. Email. Etc.) through a simple form.You will then use his data to send him your offers or other interesting content.The landing page essentially serves to convert simple users into end customers.How does an effective landing page work?Here’s a quick example: we are a pharmacy and the user accesses a post about the flu written on our blog.

Once the user has read the post

 He wants more information. So he clicks on a call-to-action of an e-book entitl. “know how health: prevent the flu in the cold season” which will direct him to our landing page page.On the landing page. The user will be ask. To enter their name and email in order to download the content. And will subsequently be r.Irect. To a thank you page with the download link. Thus becoming a valuable lead.The final result of the landing page will be a list of people who are really interest. In the content of the e-book. This precious list can then be reus. For a target. Advertising Alb Directory campaign.Only in this way can you invest your money well in online advertising and it makes sense to have a blog or company website. 

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