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In this article we will talk about the most popular. WooCommerce is the most popular and one of the best and most flexible platforms compare to other platforms. There are also a lot of WooCommerce Estonian developers, this is also one of the reasons why it is popular. It powers over 41% of all online stores and is not only the most popular e-commerce platform in the world, but also the most practical. In this article, we have liste the top 9 reasons why you should use Woocommerce for your e-store. Contents It’s free Woocommerce is that it is a free platform. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other good platforms that you can use, but the difference is that most of the platforms require you to pay a monthly fee most of the time.

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Even though Woocommerce is free, that doesn’t mean it’s inferior to other platforms in any way. In addition, there are many different extensions for database Woocommerce that make Woocommerce very powerful. We will talk about extensions later in the article. Although there are many extensions, Woocommerce alone has a lot of different options. Huge flexibility E-commerce can be a complex endeavor as it is very dynamic in nature., sales prices, attributes and more. The Woocommerce module makes it all easy to manage.


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In addition you can sell not only physical ALB Directory products, but also downloadable, virtual ones, you can resell and much more. Woocommerce helps novice E-store without having to know too much about the technical side of web building. More than e-commerce Thirdly, Woocommerce does not force you to go out of the “comfort zone” of your web knowlege.

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