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Having a branch deicate to organizing parties and events within the structure of a public relations agency is an extraordinary privilege. This allows us to create something unusual faster, because instead of making arrangements for many months, we can agree everything on the spot. Imagine how easy it will be to organize an event if your public relations agency takes care of everything. Starting from the concept, through the design of invitations or meia releases, and then organize the event and then send out press releases.

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Commplace, the only public relations company in Poland, has its own accommodation and recreation base of this type. On the resort’s website you will find dozens of references from satisfie owners and employees of companies for which database we have organize such events. In the center we can also conduct training for your team on selecte issues in the field of public relations, sales or marketing. Impact of public relations on marketing and sales Some people treat public relations as an addition to the daily functioning of the company.


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Ad yet this type of service can also be implemente in marketing activities and sales strategy in the company! Especially in the version in which the Commplace agency does it. We have over a dozen specialists from all over Poland who ALB Directory join forces to create a coherent marketing and sales concept. Appropriate PR makes it easier for you to attract investors and people intereste in your idea. We do good public relations inside the organization so that you can reach the hearts of your employees, board or shareholders. The synergy between the activities of a public relations company and the work of marketers works great.

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