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Them a downloadable resource relat to the article they have read or you could also send them the invitation to subscribe to a newsletter so they dont miss everything you publish. This not only creates a bond with the brand but it also puts you closer to achieving a conversion. Create retargeting ads of interest to your subscribers In this case it is about using retargeting through ads of interest in different channels and not only via email. The goal is to remind the user of their initial interest and encourage conversion. In the case of subscribers the information collect through interactions with the emails sent is us. For example if a subscriber clicks a product link in an email that action is record and us to personalize the ads that will be shown to them later. Measure the frequency of shipments

This is a crucial aspect to consider

In order to obtain effective results and avoid potential inconvenience or saturation for subscribers. The importance of frequency lies in keeping the brand in the mind of the recipient but without weighing them down with an excess of emails . It is essential to understand that the frequency of sending must be align. With the objectives of the email retargeting strategy. Sending too many emails can lead to a negative perception by subscribers. On the other hand a low Fabricat Metal Manufacturers Email List number of emails can ruce the effectiveness of the strategy. Bet on sending eyecatching emails Creativity in email retargeting campaigns allows content to be present in an original and attractive way adapting it to the context and user preferences. Its important to be innovative and wow the recipient with eyecatching

Emails made up of visuals persuasive

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Calls to action and a compelling narrative. Recover abandon carts Abandon cart recovery is a key strategy within email retargeting. It consists of sending reminders and personaliz messages to users who have add products to their shopping cart on a website but have not complet the purchase process . Run tests and AB tests As with other business mailing strategies it is important to test before sending. With the information extract from the. AB tests for example you will be able to optimize the content. To better adapt it to each segment and achieve the objectives set. Examples of email retargeting. To finish we leave you with ALB directory some examples of retargeting emails that can serve as inspiration for your future marketing actions email with a discount retargeting email.

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