To Optimize Your Content for the SERPS

As is often the case in the digital world, marketers and companies that figure out how to answer these tough questions will be the big winners. How to optimize your content for the serps now to answer the question on everyone’s mind: how do you optimize your content for a featured snippet on the google results page? Here is the concise answer on how you can earn a featured snippet on google search result pages:

do some keyword research

to come up with a short list of specific questions that you a) can answer and b) rank for rank well to appear on the first page of results for any of these search questions optimize the VP Financial Email Lists content of your web page so that it very specifically answers the question seven practical tactics to optimize your website in competitive serps some actions can be taken to optimize a website for competitive search engine result pages (serps). Here are some practical tactics: 1. Optimize your top 10 ranking keywords for a featured snippet.

A snippet is an excerpt from a website

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that appears on a serp to answer a user’s question, so they don’t have to search further. The most general forms of featured snippets are tables, texts, lists, and videos. To achieve a featured snippet, analyze which keywords from your current organic rankings appear in featured snippets and use the top ten to optimize your website. 2. Optimize for google sitelinks sitelinks present the most important pages of your website directly in your search results. In order to optimize for google sitelinks, create a clearly navigable structure that has strong internal links to important pages.

Add schema markup when required

schema markup is code that improves the way search engines read and render a page in the serps. It helps search engines understand your content. Use schema markup for google, bing, yandex, and yahoo! , and add it when needed. 4. Use and optimize google my business google my business is a free directory that organizations ALB Directory and businesses use to increase their online presence. It is a wonderful tool for small businesses that want to increase their visibility in their area. Add all the necessary information and verify the listing with google. Similarly, it’s helpful to add q&a information as well as reviews. Through

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