Out of the Box with Camtasia If you

Rich. and professional-quality tutorial. explainer. and training videos. And. with a drag-and-drop interface and a huge library of templates and other assets. there are no professional skills requir! Try Camtasia for Free That’s it. That’s how to add text to a video in Camtasia. It’s really that simple. Also. this works whether you creat your video in Camtasia or import it from another source. Beyond the basics. How to enhance your text for greater impact If basic text is all you ne. that’s great. but I’m guessing you’d like to learn how you can customize and animate the text in your videos.

Camtasia offers a ton of ways to enhance

Your text and help it have an even greater impact. For example. instead of plain text. you can use an annotation europe email list  such as an arrow. speech bubble. or a shape. Basic enhancements Want to change the font. size. color. or other properties of your text? With your text box select. click the Properties button to open the Properties panel. Here. you can change all of the attributes and settings that determine how your text looks. To add text to a video open the Properties pane to make basic changes to the text’s appearance. If you have one you want to use. select and apply it. You can make all kinds of changes. including the ones I just mention.

Plus you can select a theme if you have one.

Change your text’s alignment. and more. To add text to a video select the film icon to change the size and position of the text box. Select the film ALB Directory  icon. and you can change the size of the text box. its opacity. rotation. and position on the screen. The rotation and position properties are particularly useful if you want to start animating your text. You can also change most of the visual properties by clicking and dragging the anchor points on the text box right on the canvas.

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