You’re bound to find a few video gurus

You’re bound  As well. To add text to a video you can animate the text in Camtasia Increase or decrease the length of time your text appears in the video by dragging the ges of the clip on the timeline. Adjust when your text appears by clicking and dragging it to where you want it to be. Behaviors Want to add some motion to your text? You can do that. too! Camtasia offers Behaviors. which are dynamic sequences of animations. and can help draw attention to your message or add some flare.

Select Behaviors from the menu. and the list

You’re bound Of available Behaviors will appear. To add text to a video you can add a Behavior to the timeline to make the text move You can preview africa email list   what each does by hovering your mouse cursor over each one. When you find one you want to use. click and drag it to the timeline and drop it on the text or clip you want to animate. Transitions When you add your text to the timeline. it will appear suddenly and disappear just as suddenly when its time is up. Transitions help soften this and add some style and elegance to how your text appears on the screen.

Select Transitions from the menu to

You’re bound See the available transitions. Just like Behaviors. you can hover over each one to see what it looks like in action. To add text to a video you can add a transition to make it appear and disappear When you find one you like. drag and drop it onto your text on the timeline. Transitions can be appli to both ends of a clip at once or to the beginning and end individually. My favorite transition is Fade. It’s subtle and does a nice job of softening   ALB Directory  the appearance and disappearance of your text. A word of caution. Whatever transition you choose. use the same one for all transitions throughout your video.

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