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But you can see that text in a video can be a critical part of ensuring viewers get the information they ne. To be clear. when I talk about how to add text to a video. I mean adding dynamic text that’s actually part of the video. You could add a static image of text onto the screen. but it’s really much easier and more efficient to do it right in your video itor. Bottom line. Adding text in your video itor makes it much easier to update and it the text when ne. Note. This blog is not about how to add captions or subtitles to a video.

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Subtitles to a Video. How to add text to a video One of the best things about TechSmith Camtasia is that unlike other video iting tools. it’s super quick and easy to add asia email list  text to a video. Step 1. Choose annotations With Camtasia open. choose Annotations in the menu.WIth Camtasia open. choose Annotations in the menu. Step 2. Pick your style Choose the style of annotation you want to add and drag it to the timeline where you want it to appear.

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To add captions on social mia or other videos.. How to Add Captions or Step 3. Place the playhead Place the playhead over the area on the timeline where your annotation appears.Place the playhead  ALB Directory over your text. Step 4. Position your text box On the canvas. click and drag your text box to position where you want on the screen and use the handles to scale it larger or smaller as you ne. Step 5. Add your text Double-click in the text box and add your text. The Easiest Way to it Videos From quick and easy cuts and annotations to more advanc iting. TechSmith Camtasia takes the guesswork out of creating beautiful.

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