BBVA Creative and More Creative Women join forces to promote female talent

BBVA Creative ‘s in-house agency and the collaborative and independent platform. Born from the union of more than 1,000 creative professionals. Which promotes real change in the advertising sector. Are holding a creativity contest to promote female talent . The winner of the proposed challenge will obtain a paid scholarship in the creativity department of BBVA Creative.

A BBVA Creative challenge for a creative

BBVA Creative is filming a short documentary industry email list about people who have high abilities. It is common that if it is not detected in time it entails a physical. Emotional and mental cost for these people. A documentary that narrates a reality little known to a part of society. However, BBVA’s in-house agency proposes putting creativity to work. The challenge is to think beyond the documentary. Look for an impactful message. An idea that is the ‘click’ that accentuates a change in this project .

Doing better more enriched and fairer work

Working ALB Directory on creativity, sometimes, gives us the opportunity to get closer, understand. Learn and be able to think about truly important issues. Such as high capacity. This is a beautiful challenge. The ones in which you have to start thinking with your heart ,” explains Amaia Ugarte. The requirements to participate in this challenge can be found on the BBVA Creative website . The purpose of BBVA Creative. As a creative agency, is to think. Create and distribute stories that make the BBVA brand felt in a surprising way. In addition, the values of the bank and its ‘in-house’ creative agency coincide. With that of More Creative Women: promoting the development and visibility of female talent to build a more diverse. Egalitarian industry and a fairer society.

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