Pepsi uses this billboard to throw a dart at Coca-Cola

Pepsi takes advantage of color theory to launch a stinging campaign against its great competitor. Placing a fence in one of the hottest cities in Colombia: Santa Marta . This tests through color theory and thermodynamics that if you want to cool off. You better opt for the brand that dresses in blue. Studies from the Sustainability Research Center at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Australia indicate that blue surfaces absorb less solar radiation and reflect ultraviolet rays. Consequently they are cooler than others. For example. Red surfaces absorb almost all wavelengths. Tend to get hotter. For this reason. The brand highlights that blue is more refreshing than other colors.

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But publishing the results of this study is not category email list enough for Pepsi. Which instead relies on field work. Given the scientific information. The brand seeks to check the temperature of the color blue versus that of red (which is the color of the competition). In hot Santa Marta. Caribbean city that during the third quarter of the year reached temperatures of up to 42° degrees. Two colors connected to a digital thermometer were placed on the fence to capture the temperature of each surface in real time. And ultimately “Blue is more refreshing than red.” Pepsi is no stranger tocampaigns full of humor, irony and references, more than direct, to the competition.

The stinging campaign has been echoed on social networks

Among the best responses to the Pepsi ALB Directory billboard in Santa Marta. There are those who point out that the heat of the Caribbean city can only be counteracted with the refreshing taste of a Pepsi. There are also those nostalgic for advertising. Who remember that it is not the first time that Pepsi charges against the competition. Emerges victorious when it comes to refreshing. I saw this billboard and I remembered the iconic Pepsi blue from around 2003, in fact. It even provoked one in me. For me these people are the best in advertising. Primo E’Costa September 12, 2022 In short, Pepsi’s campaign (and scientific work) has been a complete success.

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