My top 4 most important tasks to sell on Amazon

My top 4 most important tasks, to sell You always think you’re missing something. Lately I watch a lot of videos on YouTube to learn from what other sellers are doing. Many times it is not so much what they do but what priorities they have among the many tasks they have.I’ve quickly learned that you can’t grow if you don’t maintain what you have. For this you need, above all, that the products you already.My top 4 most important tasks to sell.

Automate prices My top 4 most important tasks

My top 4 most important tasks,  to sell Having inventory for your products does not mean that they industry email list will  sell forever. There may be changes in demand or the entry of new sellers that lower prices. The most efficient thing is to have automated prices. It is not a perfect system from what I have been able to verify because Amazon sometimes takes a while to raise the price again to the highest levels. Basically what you do is set a minimum and a maximum sale price . 

Optimize existing listings My top 4 most important

Everything can be improved. When ALB Directory you manage close to 1,000 listings like we do, it is difficult to dedicate more time individually to each of them. Here it is a matter of choosing those where a small optimization can have a big impact . I prefer to upload a lot of poorly optimized listings at the beginning and then spend a little.

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