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And test user behavior . Choose the type of AB test The first thing is to dive into the data from previous campaigns to see what aspects may interfere with your results or user behavior. The idea is to formulate a hypothesis that you will test. Remember that not all variables have the same impact on the performance of a campaign. Therefore its important to carefully select the ones youre going to test in your AB test to make sure youre measuring something relevant. . Make a change for each AB test On this point the entire effectiveness of the campaign is based. It is critical that you only make one change and then measure what the result of this particular action was. If more than one change is applied to the versions you may be smearing the test and not knowing where the user behavior change is coming from.

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In open rates you can try different email subject lines . But if you want users to click on your CTAs more you can change their placement within the overall design. What you cannot do is both changes in the same AB test because you will be at a crossroads did they change their behavior due to the issue or due to the CTA movement . Use a sample of value The sample of users who participate in your AB test must be representative of your number of subscribers . Otherwise the results may not apply to Apparel and Clothing Manufacturers Email List your entire list. Lets see an example if you have a list of subscribers you must choose a sample of at least contacts. If almost half of the list behaved in a certain way it is very likely that the other will also. . Leave the necessary time The effect of an email diminishes.

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not enough to see what has happened. Ideally or days should pass so that the results can be analyzed and conclusions drawn . As of the fifth day one could begin to think that the shipment loses effectiveness. So that the definitive data can be obtained to begin the analysis. . Check the results Once youve completed your AB test its important to analyze ALB directory the results carefully to determine which version was most effective and why. This will allow you to apply the. Knowledge gained in future campaigns. To know for sure which version. Has had the greatest impact it is necessary to carry out a process of statistical verification. That is why it is essential that the sample is representative since you must know if this result can be extrapolated to the entire database.

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