Fonts for HTML and CSS are Arial

Sansserif Verdana sasansserif Helvetica sansserif or Tahoma sansserif. Also make sure that the font size is large enough so that it can be read by the reader. A size of at least points or its equivalent in pixels is an ideal choice for the main text. The headings can range between and points and the subheadings can go to points. Highlight the CTA Highlight the CTA Use contrasting colors and a bold design to highlight your calls to action CTAs. This helps guide recipients to the action you want them to take like clicking a link or making a purchase. Incorporates icons animations and GIFs Incorporates icons animations and GIFs By incorporating elements such as icons.

Animations and GIFs your

content will not look flat and linear and will be more original. By providing these visual components the emails are more striking and can provide better results. Of course use them in their proper measure since in excess they can negatively influence the user experience. Adapt the design of email to mobile devices Today a large majority Depository Institutions Email List of users access their emails through their mobile phone or tablet so it is essential to adapt your content to these devices. In addition to providing a more uncomfortable reading experience adapting your email design has a significant impact on your conversions . According to data from a study by Constant.

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Bailey more than of consumers delete emails that dont fit correctly on their devices. Prioritizes that the content automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device where it will be viewed. Thanks to this there will be no need to zoom or scroll sideways to see and understand all the content. In addition it is advisable to prepare a summarized and concise ALB directory content for a quick and pleasant reading on these small screen devices. Test the layout in different email clients Before sending your emails be sure to view how they look and work in the most popular email clients. This will allow you to fix any display issues and make sure your.

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