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Databases in an organized and secure way. You can segment your list according to specific criteria and send personalized messages to specific groups of recipients either with specific email campaigns or using automated marketing. Additionally you have other important functionalities for the creation and management of a database such as the contact reputation system reports on your campaigns AB testing integration with other marketing tools and compliance with legal data protection regulations. How to send an email with database How to send an email with database Sending an email to your database is a simple and safer practice through MDirector.

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list functionality from which you can start the entire process of managing and sending emails to several people . You just have to follow these steps To create contact lists you must access the Email Marketing section . In the Contacts tab you can create the list. The next step is to import your database. There are three ways to do it either Pharmaceutical Email List manually by copying and pasting or in bulk from Excel CSV or TXT format documents. The next thing is to go to Create shipment. There the complete configuration of the shipment must be made including subject personalization sender etc. You can then use an MDirector template or import one.

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Do antispam tests. MDirector has a builtin SpamAssassin that gives your submission a score to know if it will pass the antispam filters. Select the list to which you are going to send. Choose a segmentation if necessary. Check your parameters and send immediately or configure it. advantages of creating a quality database in email marketing Advantages ALB directory of creating a quality database in email marketing These are the main benefits that you can obtain by creating your own quality database by following the mentioned practices Recover customers abandoned carts. A wellmanaged database allows you to track customers.

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