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Discover the target group you can be sure that they will be happy to come back to you use your services and even recommend you to others. Competitive advantage Due to the fact that the market is currently very saturat this non-standard method of communication is still a good way to stand out from your rivals. Gamification eamples Below we will present some gamification solutions that you can use in your company! Legend Creating stories about characters that users play makes them identify with them more and participate in the game more willingly. RankingsĀ  progress Being in the ranking arouses the ne to compete and at the same time the desire to be on the podium.

It is worth Discover the rewarding

The most active users or the most engag employees in the company. This is not only a great motivation for the winners themselves but also shows others that it is worth taking part in gamification. Being able to celebrate even a small success is valuable. Challenges philippines photo editor Another good way is to encourage people to perform various tasks that will require commitment from the person. For its implementation be sure to provide some kind of reward e.g. unlocking new opportunities obtaining trophies points that allow you to unlock subsequent stages of the game or purchasing additional functions.

Surprises Giving monitoring

A surprise prize appreciating and noticing progress results in a significant increase in motivation to further develop skills or perform a given activity. The right to fail It is worth emphasizing that making mistakes is a natural part of the game and the process. Always leave ALD Directory the opportunity to improve to take up the challenge again. However people naturally do not tolerate failures well so they will naturally strive to obtain the best possible statistics.

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