Adapt the structure of the email

Use attractive calls to action to make it responsive . Balance email text and images Email footer structure Includes contact and legal information Offers the possibility of subscription Option to unsubscribe Email marketing structure essential parts of emails Organizing emails well is crucial to the success of an email marketing strategy. Each element that is going to be part of the shipment requires prior planning including determining what position they occupy in it. Next we explain what are the main elements that an email marketing email must have and what characterict preheader and email address Email header structureThese are the subject line the preheader.

And the sender as well as the reply

Address. Lets see how to make each part and its purpose subject line Email subject The subject line is the first thing recipients see when receiving an email so its crucial to engage them right away. To achieve this you must comply with these premises Be clear and concise. Use keywords with the ability to get their attention. Generate curiosity has clear Gmail Email List benefits. Avoid using misleading or excessively promotional terms as well as the use of very long phrases since they can cause your email to be label as spam. Use simple and direct language that conveys the main valuephrases in capital letters because they can.

Be interpret as spam

Job Function Email Database

Add a personaliz touch . For example you can include the name of the recipient or specific content that you have identifi thanks to previous segmentation and analysis work. You can easily configure this with the MDirector tool. In any case the best way to know if a subject line is being effective is by checking the open rate or opening rate offer by the reports of each campaign in MDirector. Thanks to the AB Test resource it is possible to test different subject lines and achieve ALB directory better results. Preheader Preheader The preheader or preheader of an email is a piece of text that is display next to the subject in the inbox. Take advantage of this space to complement the subject and provide more relevant and attractive.

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