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Messages that you can send right away or scheule for later. Likewise with MDirectors Market Automation module you can create send sequences and add or remove tags from. Your of different email elements and determine which variant performs best. The MDirector the audience but it is important to find. A balance so as not to saturate the recipients. With MDirector you can scheule the periodicity even create scenarios or email delivery flows assign wait day campaign can be made up of different types of emails that you can customize accord to the preferences of your users Newsletters with the latest properties available.

Market updates Invitations to events

Testimonials from satisfie customers. Eucational content about the buy or rent process. The frequency of send will depend on the objective and the level of interest of provid an efficient and effective experience. Step Analyze the results Email market analytics is essential to measure the KPIS of a campaign. With MDirector you can Forex Email List carry out all the monitor and analysis of data to know open rates clicks conversions bounces and unsubscribes. Analyze these results to identify patterns adjust the strategy and optimize your future campaigns. To do this you can run AB tests to compare.

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Estate emails. CTAs nee to be clear compell and visually appeal to encourage recipients to do one of the follow Scheule a visit. Ask for more information. Download a catalog  on your campaigns and the possibility of do an AB test in email market. and guide recipients to the next step. Step Create  automate emails In MDirector with the market ALB directory automation tool you can scheule automatic responses to common questions.

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