By writing blog posts or even filming videos

 Can you figure out how the success of the ad could have been improved? Social media advertising doesn’t always work either. Read here how we wasted tens of tons on Twitter advertising . Marketing exercises. Writing notes. Exercise 3: Write 3 short blog posts ., you introduce yourself to your customers. It’s easier to order from an entrepreneur you know, or someone you know through social media, than from a faceless company. Therefore, in this exercise we will write a little. Let’s go back to the five things that make you better than your competitors.

This is how you make the reader feel comfortable

Now we choose three of them and write small blog texts about how things appear  asia email listin your daily activities. The length of the texts can be (at least) 500 words at this stage. If writing seems like a suitable way for you to convey your expertise, you can try to write even longer texts in the future and improve your search engine visibility at the same time. (Read more about SEO for small businesses ). Now, when you have chosen three topics for yourself, write three texts about them. You can use, for example, the following perspectives when conceptualizing texts: This is how I work – an introduction to an entrepreneur’s work week This is how I trained in my profession / this is how I have developed into an expert in my field From the idea to the customer’s use – the birth story of the product .

If he is not a customer yet, you will remain

 The necessary investments in these channels do not end up skyrocketing, and by investing, for example, five euros a day, you can already get many ALB Directory   new visitors to your website or social media profile. Visitors are always potential new customers. Start this exercise by considering whether you want to advertise on social media or on a search engine.kind of online presence your company has now. Some of the small entrepreneurs have websites, while some have their online presence built on one or more social media channels. Both solutions are equally good, but they affect what kind of advertising you should practice in this exercise: if you have a website but no social media, choose search engine advertising, if you have invested in social media, choose social media advertising in the channel where you are most active.

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