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service Focus on telling the background and details of your product, service or yourself in your texts – don’t sell, but try to offer useful information to the reader, whether he is your customer or not. on your website and get to know you and your services little by little. in his mind and you will be the first entrepreneur he thinks of when he needs the service or product you offer! The texts are ready, so what? Then it’s time to publish them! You can publish the texts either on your website or on your social media channels. For example, in Linkedin you can also publish longer articles in addition to short updates.

If you don't have a website, blog or Linkedin account, put your creativity

 into play – the text can also be published, for example, in video format or as several short social media posts. However, the most important europe email list  thing in this exercise was to try out how it feels to write about your own work. Was it easy or difficult? Did it feel comfortable or exhausting? If you liked writing, you can consider starting your own blog to publish your writings – on the other hand, if, for example, making videos would be more natural for you, try the same exercise with three videos next! Marketing exercises..

It may depend on your own interests and the

Exercise 4: Call 20 potential customers We just put creativity into play, but next we just need sit muscles and a systematic approach to work. We call potential customers and ask if they need your products or services. This exercise starts with a contact search.  ALB Directory  Who is your typical customer? Are they entrepreneurs, business decision makers or individuals? First, define exactly what kind of people you should contact: you should start thinking by thinking about what kind of person needs your product or service and would be willing to pay for it. Collect a list, for example, from YTJ’s company search or from the number service of your own locality. Next, set aside one working day to make phone calls. Have your note-taking equipment ready. During the call, first ask the potential customer’s need for your product or service. If he wants to buy.

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