10 tips to successfully energize your Twitter account

In previous posts we talked about how to successfully energize a fan page . Now we are going to see how to manage our twitter account in the best possible way . Before energizing our account, even before creating it, the first thing is to set some objectives . It’s not about being there for the sake of being there, you have to know what you’re there for. Let’s not make the mistake of saying: “I’m already on all the social networks there are but… 10 tips And now what do I do?” if that happens to you, please call me. Before opening a twitter account, define some objectives: what do you want to achieve? When we analyze the results of a digital marketing campaign , it seems that the only thing that matters is the number, the data. The more, the better. But it does not have to be like that.

How to effectively manage a Twitter account

Maybe we should stop, reflect and see what other parameters executive data we should analyze to determine if our strategy is obtaining good results or not. Therefore, defined objectives can go beyond simply achieving the largest number of followers possible . Twitter for example, perhaps we are not recruiting the expected number of followers. We don’t have hundreds and hundreds of users eager to know what we tweet. However, those we have are influential, they retweet us, provide content that enriches us, participate in our conversation… These may be the objectives that we should set for ourselves 10 tips. Furthermore, this network allows us to easily contact those users who, due to their ability to influence, can help us make our message viral. It is no longer only through twitter, but through other channels: their own blogs, inviting them to meetings, presentations, as advisors.

How to create the perfect hashtag for Twitter

Therefore, twitter is not just about adding followers, it is a ALB Directory social network that puts us in contact with other users. : bloggers, influencers .Who can help us give greater visibility to our message.What is engagement on social networks for? Before we get into the details, I would like to explain to you why engagement on social networks is so important. When we make a social media plan (social media strategy) one of the essential points is measurement. As they say, everything that is not measured cannot be improved. And the same thing happens on social networks. If we do not measure whether our community is liking our content and they are reacting positively, we will not really know if our strategy is working. Therefore, calculating engagement on social networks will allow us to understand how our fans respond to our publications. What’s more, selling on social networks is not impossible , but it will be practically impossible if we do not manage to retain our fans and make them participate in our brand.

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