Christmas Trigger Spam

The days of Christmas carols and, above all. Gifts from Santa Claus, have acted as an Christmas Trigger incentive for those. Who continue to risk sending commercial messages indiscriminately to Internet users. Email filtering software company. Bright mail has reported a 21% increase in spam “caught” by its products since November. In total, more than 16,000 million messages – 40% of those scanned by their systems. Its competition. Mailwise , also predicted at the end of November an increase in spam of 20 to 30%. Coinciding with the general trend in the United States. Towards a desperate search for customers during this Christmas.


Christmas Trigger Although this storm will ease slightly

After the holidays, the volume of executive data spam sent will. Increase to 40% of total message traffic in 2003, according to Brightmail. The consultancy Jupiter predicts even by 2007 that each Internet user will receive nearly 4,000 unsolicited emails every day. The returned emails are subjected to rigorous analysis and eliminated from the database if it is detected that they are not valid for sending. In short, Schober has been designed to respond to the emerging needs of today’s company and further enhance the profitability of direct and interactive marketing.


Christmas Trigger The commercial strategy of any company

However, in another paragraph ALB Directory of the study. Nielsen Norman maintains that Internet users are more likely to feel the contents of newsletters as “theirs” than the information they see on the web, largely because they receive it in their email inbox. . Finally, it is essential that the “subject” field encourages users to open the message and does not lead them to think that it is spam. The most advisable thing is to use a different “subject” in each sending, which specifies the content of the newsletter.

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