Why have we refused to sell a container full of our new product to a store

Why have we refused to sell a container full of our new product to a store. We continue with the adventure of our first product on Amazon. We are going for three sales. 

Your thing would be to launch Amazon. Therefore, Ads to achieve more but we are not worried about it either. About two weeks ago the idea arose to contact the largest store in Europe in our sector. 

The pleasant surprise was

the response showing interest in a matter of less than 12 hours. Considering that it was a cold contact. Therefore, this was a very good sign. He asked us for a test. We are interested in maintaining the relationship . Therefore, with this potential client for who knows. Therefore, what in the future.

A few days later we received the response. He asked about job function email list variations of the product we had ordered. Plus I didn’t want our branding to come out. 

We had a team meeting

After the euphoria, this response gave us a certain depression. It was not what was expected. The conclusion we drew was this: We do not want to become a white label manufacturer. We are interested in investing and betting on ALB Directory our brand.

 The relationship with this potential client for who knows what in the future. We politely told him that not knowing that in 2022. He will create his own product in China but it is what it is. I don’t know if our decision was a mistake. Time will tell. Stay tuned.

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